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*FREE* My Seventh Monsoon : A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission download ebook

Naomi Reed,: My Seventh Monsoon : A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission

My Seventh Monsoon : A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission


A Himalayan journey of faith and mission. The seventh monsoon was the hardest of them all. I sat on the back porch of our Himalayan home and stared as the rain streamed down all around me. I had never felt so hemmed in by the constant rain, by the effects of the civil war and by the demands of home-school. As I sat there and listened to the pounding on our tin roof, I wondered whether I would make it through. I wondered whether I would cope with another 120 days of rain. And in doing so, I began to long for another season ...From the view point of her seventh monsoon, Naomi Reed takes time to look back on the seasons of her life. As she does so, she shares with us her journey of faith and mission and reveals poignant truths about God and the way he works his purposes in our lives through seasons.

Despite the billions of dollars we've poured into foreign wars, homeland security, and disaster response, we are fundamentally no better prepared for My Seventh Monsoon : A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission free pdf the next terrorist attack or unprecedented flood than we were in 2001. Our response to catastrophe remains unchanged: add another step to airport security, another meter to the levee wall. This approach has proved totally ineffective: reacting to past threats and trying to predict future risks will only waste resources in our increasingly unpredictable world. In Learning from the Octopus, ecologist and security expert Rafe Sagarin rethinks the seemingly intractable problem of security by drawing inspiration from a surprising source: nature. Biological organisms have been living-and thriving-on a risk-filled planet for billions of years. Remarkably, they have done it without planning, predicting, or trying to perfect their responses to complex threats. Rather, they simply adapt to solve the challenges they continually face. Military leaders, public health officials, and business professionals would all like to be more adaptable, but few have figured out how.

Author: Naomi Reed,
Number of Pages: 208 pages
Published Date: 29 Jul 2011
Publisher: Authentic Media
Publication Country: Colorado Springs, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781860248283
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